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May 10, 2012

Playing favorites

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Lavina surprised me today with a new noise I’ve never noticed. I walked in and Kira immediately started begging for hugs and high fives and kisses. I was immersed in a huge Kira bear hug when I heard a really loud chattering noise. I was quite startled and didn’t know where it was coming from. I started walking towards Lavina because she was giving me lots of big smiles and I loved on her then turned my back to walk away and heard it again. I turned back around and saw Lavina’s entire body quivering. She was actually chattering her teeth to get attention! It was frightening at first because I felt like something was wrong but then realized that she just wanted more hugs. It was quite adorable. I spent a lot of time playing with the 3 puppies that Steve has recently kept, Evie, Zuke, and Ruby Too. I can easily say that I’ve never enjoyed puppies as much as I have these pups. All the puppies I’ve ever owned myself or took care of for others were so rowdy and naughty and just uncontrollable. Steve’s puppies have such excellent temperaments and personalities and they are just a joy to be around. I’m so excited to watch them grow up and to be a part of their training. They are going to be amazing dogs, which is not a surprise because all of Steve’s dogs are amazing dogs.

Leo is one of the most adorable dogs I have ever seen. I hate to ever play favorites when it comes to anything, but I have a very soft spot in my heart for Leo. I’ve been spending a lot of time with him and Soraya over the past few days. He is so playful and he is surprisingly gentle. He also has a certain look to his face that is different then any of the other Dobes. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s his eyes. His eyes hold so much innocence and warmth and kindness. He has a child’s eyes. If I could take any of the dogs home, I would have to say it would be him.


April 28, 2012

Kisses from Kira

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Kira loves attention all the time. She always gives out high fives when you walk toward her kennel, and is now learning to smile. Whenever I lean down to get some dog food she pops up on the wall and gives me a kiss. Such a character!

April 19, 2012

Singing Dobermans

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Raining again today. Well, mostly sprinkling. But there isn’t gonna be sleepy sluggish kids today! I’m bound and determined to see some life in the kids today, since it was so rainy and depressing yesterday. Not gonna let it carry over. Every single dog that went out on the first round of bathroom breaks got to play a little bit. They have these heavy duty kong toys to play with and I was outside throwing the toys and running around with everyone! It was so much fun. I love seeing the playful sides of their personalities. They play surprisingly gentle too. When they jumped up on me, they didn’t exert all of their strength and weren’t trying to knock me over. They never snapped at the toy when I had it in my hands or when I was playing tug with them. This just makes playing with them that much more fun and enjoyable. Then Steve came home from his trip today and the dogs knew he was home and they were so happy. They even started singing after he came in to say hello to Texa. I think it was probably because they heard sirens, but I like to think that it was because of the fact that Steve is home now. Today was definitely a good day.

April 17, 2012


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There was a dog outside when I first arrived to work today and I knew in an instant that it was Celeste because she ran up to give me loves and then started spinning in circles. I love it! I have decided that the dogs hate the rain and are sick of it. It has been raining here a lot lately and when it is, it takes some coaxing and pushing to get them out the door to go potty and then they immediately want back inside. They really don’t like being wet. But they are really starting to get antsy, being inside for quite a bit of time and being able to see the green field out of the window. It just goes to show that dogs share so much of the same emotions as humans. They get depressed and upset when the sun is hiding for a while and are so happy running around outside with the sun shining down on them. They are not much different then we are.

Coming along

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The dogs are getting more and more used to me by the day. I’m not greeted with intimidation or aggression anymore, I can come and go as I please, and even play with the puppies that are still in with their mothers without the mamas being wary of me. This is their home and I am the guest, so I feel very honored to be welcomed with open paws now. And smiles and kisses. Lavina has become such a good mother to her pups, she was a little clumsy in the beginning, but she is so good now and has so much love for them, but I do believe she is getting a little bit of cabin fever. She likes to jump up and rest her paws on the side of her kennel and just watch me work and check out everything that’s going on all around her. Khiaha is a good reading partner. When the chores are done, I sit in a chair next to her kennel and read, right now I am reading the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy, brilliant by the way, and Khiaha will jump up and look over my shoulder quite a bit when she is not feeding her pups. I’m getting to know Celeste a little better. While the mothers have puppies, I spend most of my time with them and not getting to know many of the other dogs, but the past couple of days when I’ve gone outside to clean the water bucket or doody duty, she’s been out there with me. She does this adorable thing where she will spin in circles in between coming up to you and giving you loves. She is quite an affectionate gal. I’m fairly certain all the dogs have spring fever. They have become very talkative and the ones that can see out the window spend a substantial amount of time looking out them. I haven’t been here long enough yet to see them outside training on the fields and I haven’t been able to take any out there to play since we have the puppies inside that I need to help look after, but I can’t wait until I can take some of the kids out on the field to play!

April 4, 2012

Things that make me smile

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I have to say that Leo is one dog that can always make me smile no matter what. He just has this look on his face when he is outside and waiting for you to come out and pat him on his side and tell him that it is ok to go on in that is the cutest look I think a dog has ever given me. There aren’t even any words to describe it, it’s just one of those things you have to see to understand. Lavina is also beginning to smile for me quite a bit. Not just a turn up of the corners of her lips, I am talking about a full-fledged, showing all of her teeth grin that just makes me giggle. This helps a lot in my forgiving of her for being naughty with the amount that she likes to yell at everyone. To be surrounded by all the smiles and beautiful faces makes every day just a little bit better.

March 31, 2012


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My second day working with the Dobes. The dogs are still a little wary of me, especially Lavina, who seems to have forgotten me entirely, and Texa. I’m beginning to interact with the other dogs in the rooms separate from the mothers, but I still don’t have much time to spend with them because the puppies need a lot of attention, which I am of course happy to give. Many of the puppies are gone to their forever homes, but there are still plenty to love! I am learning some commands in German, such as “sitz”, “nein” and “Platz”, but mostly just used them on Brutus, the lovely German Shepard in the outdoor kennel. There is plenty to keep me busy as I am still learning and still so much that I don’t know, so I know there is not going to be very much down time at this job, which pleases me because I’m not too big of a fan of down time. By the end of the night, Steve is feeling confident enough to leave me on my own with the dogs, or “kids” as I like to call them, since I don’t have any children and I have always called my animals my “kids”. After 4 hours of working with her, Lavina is finally at the point where I can sit in with her and handle her puppies, so I spend a lot of my alone time with the kids sitting with Lavina and making sure the babes are safe and taken care of. The mom’s are responding well to my dominant commands and things are starting to run smoothly. I’m already developing an immense amount of love for these fur kids and am looking more and more forward to my future with them.

March 25, 2012

They Amazed me

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This was my first time working with Dobermans. I have raised and trained Heelers and Border Collies on my family’s farm when I was younger and then a few years ago I spent some time training Alaskan Malamutes, purebred, hybrids, and mixed. I also own a Siberian Husky that I rescued from an abusive home when she was 3 and she had no previous training, didn’t even know the “sit” command, so I’ve been working pretty hard with her the past couple of years. Every breed is different, and every dog within the breed is different, so even though I have many years of experience handling dogs, I still felt unprepared and anxious as to what I was up against. Then I met the Dobes. Every single one of the adult dogs were more well-behaved then most dogs I have encountered, not to mention their temperaments were amazing. A few of the dogs, like Texa and Lavina, didn’t warm up immediately, but I didn’t expect it either.Many dogs need time to warm up to a stranger who is invading their home. Plus Lavina has a new batch of puppies and was just being a good, protective mother. Speaking of puppies, oh my gosh. There are so many little bundles of joy! I have never had the opportunity to be smothered by so many puppies. The mothers (except previously discussed Lavina) were all so good with me going into their personal area and handling their puppies. One of my jobs that day was to clip every puppies nails, so I got to hold every single one of them. Even though they are rambunctious and playful puppies, the minute I picked them up and sat down with them to clip their nails, they calmed right down and most of them burrowed their heads into my neck. They loved to be loved! I got such a warm feeling holding all the puppies, and it wasn’t the fact that some of them had gone to the bathroom in my lap. It was because I know that this, being around dogs, is where my heart truly lies. This is definitely something I want to be doing the rest of my life, whether it be owning my own kennel and breeding dogs or working in a shelter or even being an Animal Cruelty Officer, which was actually what I went to school for. Dogs are truly amazing beings and we are so lucky God gave us these animals as our friends and protectors, that He trusted us enough to love and take care of them and way too many people abuse the privilege. Because that is really what it’s all about. Dogs are a privilege for us humans because heaven knows, they are a lot more kind and loving and forgiving then many of our fellow man. It is an honor to have these blessed creatures in my life.

February 4, 2012


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Whenever Lola wants to go potty, or get attention, she never jumps up on the wall. She uses her inside voice bark to get your attention, and presses her nose against whatever wall you are standing next to and stares at you until you notice her. She can stand like that for a very long time. It’s pretty funny.

January 22, 2012

Things Dobermans do

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Soraya always does the strangest things. Like last night as I was crouched to clean something off the wall of her kennel she comes up behind me and starts rubbing her face all over my back, like she has an itch she can’t get to. It was so random. Then she went back to rolling her babies around in the news paper.

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